Stuckless Consulting Inc. is passionate about supporting people, organizations and companies that are making change. We are interested in collaborating on projects that seek to co-create sustainable, inclusive, and healthy communities. 

 We offer a range of services to support your projects and we specialize in engaging communities, advancing micromobility, and supporting policy change. Reach out today to inquire about opportunities to work together.

Let's Work Together


Projects succeed when people provide input and are engaged in a meaningful way. Stuckless Consulting Inc. has over a decade of experience planning, facilitating and analyzing engagement initiatives both in-person and virtually. We work with clients and partners to ensure the scope of influence for the project is clear and to develop materials that ensure those engaged are also informed about the project objectives. We specialize in creating environments where people feel comfortable participating, and we provide multiple avenues for sharing input.


  • Developing community & stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Facilitating meetings (virtual & in-person)
  • Hosting site visits, walkabout, bikeabouts, focus groups, and other community outreach events
  • Analyzing & communicating key engagement themes, challenges and outcomes

Featured Projects

Photo of an empty street in the rain. There are two lanes of motor vehicle traffic, painted bike lanes and sidewalks
Engagement Specialist, Hamilton's Complete Streets Design Manual

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A small group of people standing in an alley with their bicycles looking at a colourful mural that has been painted on a fence
Project Lead, Steeltown Tours Connecting Communities Tours 

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Barton Engage - Services Photo
Facilitator, Barton St Construction Business Consultation

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Advancing MICROMobility

Micromobility includes a wide range of mobility options such as walking, cycling, electric bicycles, mobility devices, e-scooters and bike share. Stuckless Consulting Inc. is passionate about projects that increase access to micromobility. With over a decade of experience working in the micromobility sector, we are a trustworthy and timely source of micromobility information and best practices. We have also developed a special expertise related to electric bicycles and shared micromobility.


  • Providing expertise related to walking, cycling, electric bicycles, and shared micromobility
  • Conducting best practice reviews and identifying opportunities for partnership & collaboration
  • Preparing e-bike recommendations for Cycling / Active Transportation Master Plans
  • Creating resources that support micromobility programs
  • Developing data collection and impact evaluation strategies

Featured Projects

A group of elementary school students standing in line on their bicycles learning to ride in the school yard
Project Lead, Walking & Wheeling Skills Training in Schools Resource Hub

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Me standing on a kick-style electric scooter and posing as the "I" in the "Indy" tourism sign in Indiannapolis
Canadian Outreach Lead, North American Bikeshare & Scootershare Association

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A group of about 15 people standing on a small bridge over a creek
Coordinator, Virginia Walkability Action Institute

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Supporting policy change

Pushing for policy change is an essential part of co-creating sustainable, inclusive, and healthy communities. Policy change initiatives can take time, planning and capacity, and Stuckless Consulting Inc. is available to help. We enjoy researching issues and industry best practices, digging deep into policy opportunities, developing collaborative policy change strategies, and helping you communicate your message.


  • Researching & authoring briefing notes to inform policy decisions
  • Conducting local, regional and international policy scans
  • Identifying & analyzing policy opportunities & challenges
  • Facilitating collaborative policy change efforts

Featured Projects

Woman riding a bicycle on the street with the background blurred to simulate momentum
Analyst & Facilitator, Nova Scotia's Draft Traffic Safety Act Review

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A screenshot of me speaking with the host of TVO's The Agenda about e-bikes
Policy Advisor & Researcher, Electric Bicycle Policy in Ontario and Beyond

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Photo of a street closed to motor vehicle traffic using blue barricades with restaurant patios and red umbrellas on the street and sidewalk
Researcher & Author, Various Articles for Ontario Traffic Magazine

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Let's Work Together