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areas of focus

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Projects succeed when people provide input and are engaged in a meaningful way. Stuckless Consulting Inc. has over a decade of experience planning, facilitating, and analyzing engagement initiatives both in-person and virtually.

A large group of about 30 people standing in front of a coffee shop with bicycles before heading out on a bike ride

Micromobility includes a wide range of mobility options such as walking, cycling, electric bicycles, mobility devices, e-scooters, and bike share. Stuckless Consulting Inc. is experienced & passionate about working on projects that increase access to micromobility.

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Pushing for policy change is an essential part of co-creating sustainable, inclusive, and healthy communities. Policy change initiatives can take time, planning, and capacity, and Stuckless Consulting Inc. is available to help.


sample projects & updates

Since September 2020, Stuckless Consulting Inc. has worked on a number of projects.

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