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Electric bikes (e-bikes) have a huge potential to grow cycling and make it more accessible to more people, however, we are not doing enough in Canada to leverage their full potential. Despite their growing popularity, there is a lot of uncertainty about e-bikes that is holding us back. Uncertainty about what they are and where they should be allowed to ride, uncertainty about whether they are safe, and uncertainty about how people are using them.

Stuckless Consulting Inc. has compiled a free report on the state of e-bikes in Canada to address some of these issues, and more. Our hope is that this report is a helpful resource for policy makers, organizations and advocates looking to learn more about how e-bikes fit into their work.  

The report includes insights from current e-bike research, stories from people who ride e-bikes, a summary of the various e-bike definitions around the world, and strategies for increasing access to e-bikes. The report also seeks to answer some of the e-bike questions we receive regularly and address common e-bike misconceptions.

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e-Bike Workshops!

Stuckless Consulting Inc. is offering a limited number of municipal e-bike workshops in 2023. Please reach out to discuss details and availability. Workshops include:

1/2 Day Workshop

A half-day workshop for up to 30 staff and community stakeholders. Workshops are hosted in-person in your community. Virtual sessions can also be accommodated.

Local Action Plan

An in-depth review of local e-bike opportunities, challenges, by-laws and assets. Participants will learn about best practices from peer cities and e-bike research and develop a local action plan for increasing e-bike access.

Community Event & Rides

An evening event in partnership with local non-profit organizations to discuss e-bikes with the community. When possible, we will also partner with local bike shops to arrange e-bike test rides.

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In addition to launching our free e-bike report, Stuckless Consulting Inc. has been involved in a variety of e-bike projects. These include serving on the Ministry of Transportation's (Ontario) E-Bike Working Group, writing e-bike articles for various publications, conducting research and outreach regarding e-bike rules for tourism operators, and being an e-bike speaker at events, conferences and in the media.

Highlights from our recent work include:

Speaking at conference
Globe & Mail Urban Mobility Summit

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A screenshot of me speaking with the host of TVO's The Agenda about e-bikes
Media Commentator
TVO's The Agenda (and more!)

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A group of people riding bicycles on a park trail. The photo is taken from behind the group
E-Bike Researcher & Advisor Peterborough Cycling Master Plan

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increasing e-bike access together

As a complement to our e-bike report, Stuckless Consulting Inc, is available to discuss e-bike opportunities and challenges in your community.


  • Conducting policy reviews and developing recommendations for your community
  • Assessing the local opportunities and challenges for e-bikes
  • Evaluating e-bike and other micromobility pilot programs
  • Developing and leading data collection and monitoring strategies
  • Applying speed and conflict management strategies for multi-use trails that provide an alternative to enforcement-based approaches
  • Providing research and advocacy tools for talking about e-bikes
  • Hosting e-bike test opportunities and e-bike rides for local officials and policy makers
  • Speaking about e-bikes at conferences and in the media
Let's Work Together


One of the best ways to understand the impact of e-bikes is to hear directly from riders about how e-bikes have changed the way they move. Below are a few of the e-bike stories that are included in our e-bike report.

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