OpEd: Hamilton’s one-way streets the wrong direction
Photo of a newspaper OpEd with the title "Hamilton's one-way streets the wrong direction"

Hamilton is a beautiful, diverse city with a rich culture and numerous green spaces, but these spaces are not well-connected, or easily accessible to everyone. 

Mackenzie Mailhot recently undertook the task of creating various cycling tours highlighting Hamilton's culture and history as part of her role as Community Projects Coordinator with Stuckless Consulting Inc., and it was through this experience that she realized some serious infrastructure problems that are holding the city back from achieving its true potential.

The organization of the streets connecting Hamilton's downtown core is flawed to say the least. The collection of one-way streets might be quick enough for vehicle commuters, but it is harming a great many Hamiltonians in the process, including small business owners, people walking and wheeling, and the tourism industry as a whole.

Mackenzie recently published an OpEd in The Hamilton Spectator about the mobility and economic challenges created by our network of one-way streets - and how they made it hard to plan bike tours!

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